3 Tips For Hiring A Videographer To Film Your Child's Birth

Posted on: 5 July 2016


Birth can be a special and beautiful time that you and your significant other may want to remember forever and share with your friends and family. To help keep memories, many people rely on amateur photography or videos. Hiring a professional photographer or videographer can free up your loved ones or doula to concentrate on you while ensuring that you get the best moments of your birth captured on film. Before you hire a videographer to film your birth, though, you should consider the following issues.

Know Your Hospital's Restrictions On Filming 

Many hospitals and birthing centers have restrictions about who can film, where they can film, and when they can film. It is important that both you and the videographer you hire are familiar with these restrictions. For example, your videographer may only be able to film while you are in pre-labor and not while you are in active labor. Or they may not be able to film during a Cesarean birth.

Additionally, you should make sure that your videographer gets proper releases from any doctors or nurses who may be filmed, or that they are prepared to avoid filming the staff during your labor and delivery.  

Create a Detailed Plan for Filming 

Just as you create a birth plan, you should create a filming plan. You should let your videographer know of specific shots or angles you would like to include or avoid in your project. Additionally, you should create a plan for your expectations in case the birth does not go according to plan. For example, if the doctor has to use forceps or a vacuum to assist with the birth, would you like that stage filmed? 

Decide Whether You Want to See the Raw Footage or a Finished Project   

Watching the raw footage of a birth can be intense for some people. While some clients may prefer to have the raw footage, others may want to see a sweet compilation of the best moments during the birth instead. Let your videographer know ahead of time if you want the raw footage as well as an edited project or just one or the other. This may affect how they choose to film the event. 

A professional video of your labor and delivery can be a great way for you and your loved ones to celebrate the birth of your child for years to come. It can also be an interesting gift for your child as they grow up and become curious about their birth. However, it is important that you create appropriate expectations before you commission the project.